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Going off of what mborgelt said about updating the address, sometimes Google requires you to re-verify when you do that, and perhaps the business never followed through with that, probably because with the wrong city named, the postcard went to the wrong address.
Is the unverified listing still in the client's account?

If so, what Dillon said makes complete sense. Either a random user edited the map marker or the client did, not realizing that would change the address which would then force them to re-verify their listing.
Really cool example. Maybe this is the problem...

The locations of each business overlap each other on Maps but are actually in two different locations with the same address (Vaughn and Thornhill overlap). The Running Room and King David. In Google Maps these locations overlap. See attached screenshots. It also happens that the link to this place from King Davids site goes to The Running Room as well. Time about 3 minutes.


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Searching Kind David pizza in mapmaker you find there is a King David Laffa and Grill right beside it on 11 Disera Drive Thornhill that is verified.

Very similar name, but different phone numbers and different websites (King David Laffa Grill | Kosher Restaurant in Thornhill). They both serve Kosher food, just one is pizza the other is falafel.
Did someone flag the Kind David Pizza location as a duplicate and it got approved by Google due to the similar names and civic number + street number. Or Google automatically considered it a dupe due to similarities.
However, on street view you can see the distinct entrances with the different suite numbers.
Any ideas on who may have marked it as closed? Can't see it in MM. G?
Thanks for posting Joy, I love learning this way, had fun with it! I'd love to see more of these, I like the puzzle format.

I can't believe I didn't think to grab the CID to grab the map maker profile... ah well, next time.

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