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Aug 23, 2014
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I thought it would be fun to do a puzzle! I came across one recently that someone asked me about and thought it would be a great example.

Question: This listing was verified but recently became unverified and disappeared from Maps. What happened?

Also post how long it took you to solve.

(There is a correct answer here)
YAY Joy! I love ranking puzzles.

Don't have time to look right now but I hope some other pros will jump in and play with you! :p

Is it an address issue? In the G+ page, this is in the address area: York Regional Municipality

Yet when I enter the complete address found in the G+ page into Google Maps, the default address is missing the "York Regional Municipality" part...

I'm not all that familiar with Canadian address structures so this may not be the issue...
The "Story" on the GMB page describes all three locations with street names, neighborhoods, nearby businesses, etc. The "Categories" include pizza, kosher grocery, middle eastern restaurant, etc.

Due to overzealous localized storytelling and excessive categories, this is no longer a Local page for one location. It appears Google has flipped this to a Brand page to allow for its inclusion of all three locations.
I believe it's the address. Their website shows 11 Disera Drive, Unit 130 Thornhill, ON L4J 0A7. Took me 4 minutes. I'm hungry now after looking at food! :D
I do see in the address now, it says "York Regional Municipality" which does not match the website. Alas, that's international trickery. I am a narrow-minded American and that address seemed fine to me. :rolleyes:
Now that I looked into it more, I believe that "theitsage" got it right.
So far no one has it right :)
@theitsage - explain in more detail. Why would a different address cause this listing to become unverified? It's the same address, different city (Thornhill vs Vaughn)
If Joy posted it I knew there would be more to it and it would not be something obvious.:p
(Still have not looked yet though.)
The plot thickens...looks like it's different website url and phone number too.
Just throwing spaghetti at the wall here but the Mapmaker edit history shows an edit that moved the location but kept the city the same and was marked as closed shortly thereafter. I'm curious here as I have a few clients whose listings have suddenly become unverified. This took me about 3 minutes.
I would say it should have been verified with the municipality as the URL not the town.
Is it because they have two websites? There is a local listing going to this page which is the same restaurant at the same address.
Going off of theitsage's find, it looks like the original King David Pizza added a "new" business, King David Laffa & Grill at the same 11 Disera Dr (with different Ste #, 120 vs. 130, hence side-by-side). Different phone and websites, but enough similarities to confuse Google?
Do we know the last time the owner logged into their account? Did their listing become unverified due to lack of account activity?

Perhaps they were active with and not the listing you mentioned? Since this listings are so similar, Google deemed this one as authoritative and yanked the other?

I mean, heck...similar business name, but not quite...similar address, but not quite...different phone numbers & websites. I sure am confused which one is the correct one, so I'm sure Google is also! :) Hence they got rid of the less active one?

:confused::rolleyes::confused: This was fun, thanks Joy!
Nice catches everyone!

Just took really quick peek. Doubt I found the root problem Joy is talking about because she's tricky! :p So just a few observations...

According and their about page (on website) and about on the 2nd GMB page, it looks like these are 2 separate restaurants right next door to each other.

GMB about on King David Laffa and Grill
"King David Pizza was established 25 years ago starting with one location, and has expanded to several locations to serve the Greater Toronto Area. Our experience and excellence in Kosher food now welcomes the all new Kosher Laffa Grill located side by side to our pizzeria in Thornhill".

On streetview you can see them both and they have pics of each one with different logos on the page linked above.

So if REALLY 2 separate restaurants, since different entrance, address, site and phone - should be allowed. UNLESS they are cooking everything out of the same kitchen, then Google could view it as one biz with different types of food.

One thing I question. The names. One both sites and both logos it looks like the name is King David. Pizza or Laffa and Grill seems to be descriptors maybe not part of the name. And Laffa and Grill does not use a consistent name. Sometimes just Grill sometimes Laffa and Grill, sometimes Laffa Grill and sometimes Kosher Laffa Grill. So it does not seem to me like a brand, but more just different ways they describe it.

However as far as I know Google is not yet penalizing for KW stuffed names, so I don't think that's it. And if one had to be removed due to it being a dupe OR KW stuffed, seems like it would be the 2nd, because the Pizza one seems to be their real brand and they have others with that same name.

??? Outa time, but that's my 2 cents. I'll be back later. You guys have fun!

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