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For ranking reports I use Bright Local.
Hi Mike,

You'll find most here use Bright or Scout.

I just did a big review of Scout here: Swiss Army Knife for Local Search

In terms of accuracy, I have not used Bright for a long time so don't know, but with Scout it links you direct to the query. So if it says they rank #3 then you can click and see that they do indeed rank #3.
Mike - I have used Bright Local for years and I do see discrepancies (small ones) but that is because Bright Local is more accurate than what I see because it searches from the city the client is in, whereas I'm searching from a city far away. If I searched in incognito mode from their city I'm fairly certain I would see the same thing that shows up on the tracker.
We use Bright Local, Moz Keyword Rankings, Site Explore (links) & Google Analytics (visits, leads, bounce rate, time spent on site, location & unique visits).
I figured my question was more related to this topic then starting a new one. Mods, feel free to move if you feel it doesn't apply here.

I too have been customizing reports and manually entering data into a spreadsheet. The issue I have is that it's time consuming. Are you using any tools, free (preferably) or paid, to extract data from the various sources you utilize to report with to help simplify the process? I've tried a tool that was supposed to extract the data from Google Analytics but kept getting an authentication error.

It would be magical to have the meat and potatoes of the reports extracted automatically or at the click of a button. It would be more magical to have the reports automatically created :) I may be getting beyond reality but I'm sure there are tools available to extract the data so all you need to do is make it look pretty.
Hi Luke,

I did a post about various marketing dashboards that let you pull data from various sources and aggregate it for reports. Many of them were free.

<a href="">Anyone Have Any Good Dashboards or Local Reports?</a>
I have been using and I like it. The interface is wonky as all get out, but, it allows you to do multiple geographies at once which is nice.

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