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Mar 30, 2013
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Re: Merged Hidden Address Service Area Business

Is this still the case...should hidden service area businesses not have a google+ business page and also, more importantly, not verify the listing? I have done so myself and my local rank is not doing very well and I seem to have two different types of listings. I have what looks like a google places listing but none of my recent edits to my places page are live. Then, I have another listing which looks like my business+ page which pops up under different search queries. My company name is Alltimate Painting and I am located in Minnesota. My Google Places listing is this: My google+ business page is this If I were to search deck staining st paul my google places listing pops up. If I were to search painters apple valley my google+ page pops up. It seems my google+ page is the only page I can edit now. What's even more confusing is I've been in conversation with someone from google and he said what I did was OK. I mentioned several times to the google rep that I am a SAB with a hidden address. I'm so confused.
Re: Merged Hidden Address Service Area Business

Hi Conor,

Moved your post to it's own thread instead of having your details mixed in with someone esle we've been trying to help.

No the G rep was wrong, you have some problems. SO sorry to say that and run but I'm late getting ready to leave for Easter with my family.

Please don't do anything. I'm super swamped and it may take me a day or 2 to get back with you, but just hang tight.

Happy Easter!
Re: Merged Hidden Address Service Area Business

Thanks linda for replying, i'll hang in there. I'm assuming the right decision here is to go into my google+ business page and delete the listing but I'll wait for your response before I do anything.
Re: Merged Hidden Address Service Area Business

Probably but think there is more than one problem. Plus want to have you wait til tomorrow after I get more info.

How many listings do you have claimed in dash?

Because I think what I'm looking at is 2 claimed Places listings. One that's a regular Place page and one that's merged with G+.

Please give more details including history and when did you merge the G+ and how? Were you trying to merge with Place page but it didn't merge right and created a dupe? Or was there a dupe to begin with? Do you know?
Re: Merged Hidden Address Service Area Business

History - I used to have a company called Alltimate Restoration Services with the same phone number as my current phone number. I also lived at a different address when I owned Alltimate Restoration Services. When I moved I decided to rebrand myself and changed my company name. When I changed the company name I went through all of the citations, changed them to represent the new address and company name and point to the new website url. Last year my google places listing was up and running and from what I could tell doing fairly good. Then I started a google+ business page, but I did not verify the listing. Soon after creating the google+ business page my google places listing was dropped and put into pending status. It remained there for about 8 months until I contacted localeze, axiom and the other data provider. I went through there submission process and localeze told me they recognize my address as St. Paul, MN not Apple Valley, MN. I'm not sure why because St. Paul is the broad city name....I am located in Apple Valley, MN. Minneapolis/St Paul are the two large cities and Apple Valley is a suburb. Regardless I registered with localeze, axciom and the other one with the St Paul address. I then went through all of my citations again to represent the new city name. A month after doing that my google places listing came out of the "pending" status and is now active. Soon after it becoming active I was refreshing the information on my google+ business page and noticed an area where I could verify the listing. I did so and soon after started noticing I have a google places listing depending on the search query and a google+ business page for other queries (well actually only one querie that I know of which is Apple Valley Painters or Painters Apple Valley). When I edit information in my google places page it is not represented in places. Oddly, the new pictures I put in my places page were sent to my google+ business page. I have videos and pictures in my google places profile but when you see the live listing it looks pretty empty. So that's about it....I don't think I'm missing anything.
Re: Merged Hidden Address Service Area Business

Should I just delete the google+ business page? From what I gather that is all that is necessary. You have me a little worried though because you said there was "more that was going on"
Re: Merged Hidden Address Service Area Business

Please hang on. My Dad is in hosp in critical condition. I'm doing my best to help folks as I can.

BUT you may not need to delete. That's all I can tell you right now. Just hang tight.
Re: Merged Hidden Address Service Area Business

Really sorry I just don't have the bandwidth to help with this now. Hopefully someone else can or post at the Google forum and someone may help you there.

Wanted you to hold off because I was not sure what all was going to change for this update and was hoping maybe things would be different for service businesses but does not appear anything has changed yet.

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