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Thanks for the recap Chris - some very valuable information there.

And yes, I hate it when people auto-sharing between networks, not only does it look disrespectful to the audience it kills unicorns as well.. :( (think about it, you've never seen a unicorn right? But you've seen loads of people auto-post, right? I rest my case ;) )
Great summary! Thanks Chris
I'm curious about this statement. Did Mike give a reason why? I'm with you Chris. We use a logo for profile and interior/exterior Building images for the cover photo. For practitioner listings we do a head shot and Building shot.
As a dental Internet marketing agency, I can’t think of a more appropriate image than either a logo or a doctor’s headshot. What else would suffice, a pic of the exterior office? What about a closeup of a patient’s mouth after a restoration? I’d think a logo or headshot would be better.

Thanks for the Post...Wanted to make it this year, but couldn't.
I'm with Justin on that comment. Why would they dislike the logo as the profile picture? You have more space for the cover photo to make it awesome, but the profile photo is so small. Does anyone have an answer to that one, or is it more speculation?
I can't really defend Google. The explanation that I have received about the logo is that it isn't the optimal experience for a Map user. Thus if they have what they "think" is a better image then they will substitute it.

If they can't find other images you are safe but if you want to control probably your single most important image then you should pick something other than a logo.
Chris - Awsome recap - and great to see you at both MnSearch Summit AND LocalU Advanced in my home town!

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