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May 16, 2016
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I noticed on one of my keyword researches that a business ranking on the first page of locals in my area has as their title the same exact search term I was researching. I mean it's just the search term, for example "New York Uber Accident Lawyer." So, I go to this business's website and they state in their footer that their DBA name is registered and sure enough that name is listed as such on the county clerk website as a fictitious business name.

Is registering a DBA name in that way actually fair game? I was wondering if that is grounds for submitting a Business Redressal Form because I can't exactly Suggest an Edit to their name. Would Google even consider it a violation if its a registered DBA name? I just can't help assume this was done intentionally to manipulate rankings.
If their DBA is the only place that they are using that name then I would still send over using the redressal form. What's most important to Google, is that the name on your Google listing matches your real world name, which means your signage and your website for the most part.
I don't think it would be taken as a violation. If they are using that title on all their visible properties - it's congruent. I wish GMB wouldn't put so much weight on the title.
If they are showing their address, then submit it via redressal. I agree with both Joy and Colon, however there are internal checks that Google uses to deem is a listing is spammy or not. The DBA is a strong piece of evidence for sure, but that is not all that is required. There also may be other activity from the merchant entity that triggers a manual review (suspension) and then they would have to prove they have signage to match.
Thank you all for the insight. Ben and Colan, I'll try a redressal submission and at least have Google take a little look-see. While they do have a website with, of course, their DBA name everywhere on it, their GMB listing is devoid of any photos of their actual office, inside and out, so no evidence of signage that's apparent anyway.

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