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Dec 4, 2013
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Hi everyone, I have a client looking to add a second location. Personal injury law firm, considering going the Regus route. Normally I would automatically advise against it, but I've read a number of different online resources within the past year or so saying that SEO'ers have noticed competitors ranking with virtual offices.

Do you recommend to your clients to stay away from Regus/virtual offices, or have you actually been able to provide results using virtual locations?
I never recommend it unless it is a scenario where the office is actually staffed by employees of the business. That's the only GMB compliant use of a virtual office.

It always comes down to risk versus reward. Yes listings set-up at virtual offices are all over the map. They are also being taken off the map at a good pace as well. You could luck out and never have the listing deleted. But is it worth the risk?
If there are other attorneys using the office it probably wouldn't even work (regardless of it being against guidelines) because Possum filters out businesses near each other and the attorneys already there have history at that location that would help their ranking (most likely) that your client wouldn't have so it would put him at a disadvantage and he'd most likely just get filtered.
Why would you even risk it? If you need an office in another city there are other options. Rent an office with a cpa, or some other professional. Minimize risk of getting listing removed.
The more similar businesses in one location (in this case lawyers in a regus suite), the higher chance you have of seeing your listing suppressed/filtered in maps. What i'm saying is that it could be live for a short time, but you could see another competitor in the same building always showing up instead of you.

Even if you do sneak by and get listed there, you could still end up losing because you won't be visible anyway

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