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Jul 14, 2023
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The law firm I work for is opening a new office in the same city we currently have an office. They are in two locations -- the new one is closer to the center of the city and the current office is further out, near the outskirts. The current office is a virtual office and will eventually close.

The question I have is whether it is wiser to change the address to the new office on the GBP or should we create a new GBP, build it up, and eventually let the old office go once the new GBP is established?
Aside from the fact that a virtual office is technically in violation of Google's policy, the age of a profile carries weight, so it might be better to change the address of your existing profile. You'll also keep all your reviews.

You may be getting decent visibility on the old profile since it's probably in a less competitive location, so you'll notice a drop in traffic, but it's probably better in the long run.

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