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Dec 8, 2020
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We disconnected Shopify from the GBP, also removed any associated links to Merchant Center, but the link still appears. Also tried removal via a suggested edit.

It leads to a dead page, since the Shopify store is no longer running. Any suggestions?

Primary category is music store - but there is no option to edit a shopping link in profile editor either.

All apps and connections were disconnected already. Can Google support just go in an remove it entirely, or must we continue to look for the source?
Editing for record should someone else run into this.

We just asked the Google Ambassador to get the Google Support team involved and they did.


I cannot seem to get any help outside of "Google Ambassadors" who are very hit/miss - any way to expedite to the actual Google team?

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The contact form link I provided above gets you in touch with Google directly.

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