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Jan 1, 2022
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From Turkey


Thanks in advance for your help.

I have a business verified with video verification

I fully comply with all policies.

Suspended 10 times but every time I contact support I get my job back, no problem here.

However, my business, which opened in the evening, takes a break again in the morning.

My competitor is constantly abusing the edit button.

Spamming and suspending me

I searched for this on google but couldn't find a solution.

I'm depressed right now someone help me

If I were a business that violated the policy, I think they wouldn't open the business that was suspended 10 times.

I know my opponent, I know who did it, I filed a lawsuit in Turkey.

My business is currently suspended

I'll get it to open again but it will close again, I'm officially in this vicious circle

I'm in the shipping industry

All my official documents are complete

there is a photo of the sign

I serve my clients face to face in my office

My question is, can I take action for those who abuse the persistent suggestion edit button?

Or how do I avoid getting suspended again and again?

I'm sorry for the word I wrote with the translation program.

I couldn't find a solution in the Turkish forums

I hope this brings me luck

1. What specific changes/edits is your competitor making to your GMB page?

2. Does your website include the same info you have on your GMB page?

3. How much work have you done on your citations?

4. Have you tried changing your GMB hours to "open 24 hours"?

5. Is your competitor spamming in any way?

For me, the big question: why are your competitor's edits being approved in the first place? From what you say, they shouldn't be successful. (If Google didn't want your page around, they would not keep reinstating you.)

1. Rakibiniz GMB sayfanızda hangi spesifik değişiklikleri/düzenlemeleri yapıyor?

2. Web siteniz, GMB sayfanızda sahip olduğunuz bilgilerin aynısını içeriyor mu?

3. Alıntılarınız üzerinde ne kadar çalışma yaptınız?

4. GMB saatlerinizi "24 saat açık" olarak değiştirmeyi denediniz mi?

5. Rakibiniz herhangi bir şekilde spam gönderiyor mu?

Benim için asıl soru şu: Rakibinizin düzenlemeleri neden ilk etapta onaylanıyor? Söylediğinize göre, başarılı olmamalılar. (Google sayfanızın etrafta olmasını istemeseydi, sizi eski durumuna döndürmeye devam etmezdi.)
Thank you very much for your reply.

1. I think my competitor reported this as spam malicious content.

2: Everything is the same, my website and gmb page are exactly the same, nothing is missing

3: your gmb page is very up-to-date my posts comply with policy rules 4.9 reviews available I have 96 reviews

4. My gmb clocks are suspended again I tried 24 hours

5. Yes, my competitor is constantly sending me ownership requests using other email addresses.

Very strangely my gmb page was suspended after 1 hour even though I denied the request.

Yes, I don't know what my opponent is doing, but as soon as my gmb page opens, he manages to ban me many times by using different e-mail addresses from the edit button.

I've been in this vicious circle for 6 months.

If I was a policy violating profile, google would not reinstate me every time.

I have invested a lot in my business, I am losing a lot commercially. My customers cannot reach me.

I am trying to explain my problem with google.

I think there is an error in the algorithm.

It sends a message that it is open in the evening. Google morning posts, boom boom, suspended. Very funny and annoying. :)

I don't know English but I searched all foreign forums with translation but couldn't find a solution.

There has to be a solution to this, it shouldn't be that easy.

My opponent calls me on the phone, says your page is open, but says it won't take long, and after 1 hour my page is suspended.

I filed a lawsuit regarding this, but I don't think there will be a solution in Turkish courts.

Now my psychology is broken, my gmb page has been opened and closed, so my doctor gave me pills and I started using it.

That's why I need the help of experts here for the sake of Allah.

Thank you very much for your interest and concern.
@kaanankara06, it sounds like one issue MAY be the citations. You'll need listings on, Facebook, Yelp, and other basic citation sources. (I say "may" because maybe you did that work already.) When in doubt, just see which sites your competitors in the shipping industry are on.

If all you have is a GMB page, Google is more likely to believe anyone's edits. But with the basic citations, Google is less likely to approve edits.

Beyond that, probably all you can do is:

1. Fill out this form: Business Redressal Complaint Form - Google Business Profile Help
The difficulty is Google probably won't know (or care) that THAT competitor is making the edits.

2. Do the same thing to the competitor. They may only stop once they start paying a real price. Sometimes it comes to that, unfortunately.
Thanks for your reply

Suspended 2 times after texting you

I re-enabled it 2 times and it was suspended again

i am in contact with support but i know it will reopen and suspend

it's a google bug, i think i'm going to go round and round in this vicious circle

I don't think there is a solution to this.

It's very sad that google didn't find a solution to this, all my trust in google is gone

This is persecution, not support for small businesses.

I am grateful to you for your information.
The same exact issue is happening to our own business location. We know its competition and they managed to flag us multiple times and got us suspended. I agree with the above suggestion, you need to keep making edits to them as well. It seems almost impossible to get help for spam listings or suspensions / fake flagging these days.
Do any of the local search experts have an answer to this issue? It's crazy to me that so many legitimate reviews are not being seen when reviews are a ranking factor! Could anyone here help my business with their review issue? We're missing 3 5-star reviews now from legitimate clients.

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