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May 27, 2014
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This was straight from Google's mouth.. also you can see a screenshot here...

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I wonder just how many people in the US know exactly what they are searching for like the Exact business name or hell what if your trying to find a address for a business like a doctor ??????? or a phone number for a business.. You mean to tell me Google will not show any information that we and the general public search for unless we know the exact business name address and phone number?????

so... If you generally need help and are trying to search with in Google your screwed.. !!!

I mean how many actual people that do not work in advertising or have any clue as to what classic maps are and search for everyday things on Google????? hmmmm I would say close to 90 percent.... Most searches come from general public which make up the majority of all searches within Google...

So more or less the public is screwed by Google and will not show any quality or relevance within their own search directory unless you know exactly the name address and phone number .?????????????

.... If that is the case why in the world would anybody search and use Google in the first place ?????
Maybe they think we want to say HI or wanna see pictures in street view and such
Guess Google wants everyone to start using and or start using Yellow pages and other sources of TRUSTED information..

All I can say is WOW Google you completely screwed the pooch on this one.......
Yesterday not showing any searches correctly, went from only showing me businesses like Sam's, Home Depot and Walmart when searching for a Authorized Jeep dealership in both new maps and IN CLASSIC VIEW!!!

But evidently Google still has no clue of how bad the information is Still in classic view .. I searched today the same way I did yesterday and now Jeep dealerships are showing correctly in new maps Or should I say IN THE NEXT STATE OVER !!!! yeah even though I searched using my city name and zip and have a Jeep Dealership not even 5 miles down the road.... Google shows me Jeep dealerships in the 7 pack even that are not even in my state !!!
and all of my search filters are still even set to my current city and zip but,,, Google can not seam to even get the closest location information right....

To get a email reply like that today regarding a client of mines listing that is not showing in anyway and to my self using Google yesterday and today to find a location near me and see that Google now is losing faith and trust within their data quality and don't care.....
Is crazy Microsoft / Bing sure are going to LOVE Google for this I am sure!



The page listing hasn't acquired complete search ranking, that will take some time, especially in the beta new maps. In the beta new maps, we can only guarantee that your business pop up in a search by inputting the business name and address.

In classic maps, your listing appears without any errors. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

Best Regards,

Rashad T.

Is this a newly verified listing Ross?

Sounds like they are simply saying that it has not fully worked it's way into the local database yet.

It can take up to 6 weeks or so. During that time it won't rank for KW searches and you can only find it by searching name + city or phone. So direct brand search.

That's always been the case.

But if that's what they are saying, I think the reply could have been worded a little better.
I wish that was the case.. The listing I was asking about I have managed and has been in Google for about three years now...
We all know new listing have to be the circus animal and jump through hoops and wait for ever...
But for trusted information that has been in their index and is listed in many trusted serps for over three years..... That is blasphemously..
I have never seen Google's search quality be this bad in all my years of marketing.
It was like they sent me a auto reply to me when seeking help with a paying client that spends monthly over 30 grand alone on ppc!!

And not to mention me searching for a dealership that has been open and has been listed on Google for almost 8 years and.... they show me not a dealership less than 5 miles down the road from my house or city and zip searched but Jeep dealerships in the next state...
Saint louis has many Chrysler dealerships... all that have been around on Google for many years serps info all correct in organic but Google shows in the 7 pack results in a different state..... So ok I read his email figured I will take his advice and search using classic view...McDonald's now sells jeeps I guess according to Google....

It would be ok if the statements they were saying would be true.... and we could then switch to classic view and see our clients info or even us as advertisers search for general things and get quality information we could trust, but its not the case at all.
Not to mention if like he said use classic view or search Exact name address and phone number but in all essence Is that not whats Google is for??

People that do not know classic view exists or people that want to know a phone number or address of a business are more or less screwed....
I am sorry but this is crazy and going to cause more problems down the line we all know.. And this is only going to make Bing and Yahoo search increase and be trusted more by the general public mainly because people must be trained now how to search and are expected to know all business names addresses and phone number of the business they are looking for according to Google.
Most people are lazy and have a low attention span, and if they have problems searching for quality information they will just seek to find it somewhere else they know about and made easy and readily available to them

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