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Aug 12, 2013
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I'm sure this has been done but I can't seem to find anything relevant when I search – but basically, is there any research into which types of keywords perform/convert better: a short/head keyword term vs a keyword+city term?

For example:
The generic term "pest control" tends to have significantly more search volume than "pest control City" searches do — but in terms of which one is better or may convert better, I would think the "pest control City" does better.

I don't have any data to confirm or deny that, and was wondering if there has been any research/case studies on this? If so, I would love it if anyone can link things here.
I asked one of our PPC managers for some data on the ads they run for this client and it seems like it was a mixed bag. In some localities the implicit targeted KWs performed better and in others the explicit targeted KWs did — there was nothing definitive in the data though.
A major difference is that (at least here in Quebec) Keyword+city have a high chance of normalizing to the point name. That is, if I search X+city name, Google will most likely (not always!, but very likely) treat this as though I were geographically located at the spot where the name is.

Here's a dramatic example. I have marked the city name and the office location. The first is just the keyword, the second is keyword+terrebonne.


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