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Nov 7, 2018
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I'm finding that more and more small businesses have either moved from a business address to a residential office or are starting a new business from home. With regards to best practices of setting these businesses up for local search, does anyone suggest a particular source, either a post or a cheat sheet of sorts to help with the process? It seems there is a "work around" for a lot of places such as GBPM, Bing, and aggregators such as Data Axel etc.
Hi Mike! Funny, we actually are encountering the opposite, that many small businesses are moving from their home into a dedicated business office space :). In any case though, there shouldn't be any fundamental differences when moving addresses regardless of the type of move. However, I think a lot of home businesses, or businesses that move from a traditional office to a home office, don't realize that signage requirements still apply for GBP, the only exception is for a Service Area Business (SAB). Here is a short but concise article that may be helpful from @whitespark:

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