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Jul 19, 2012
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Merchant Circle has an option to post review responses when you are logged into the account. I posted responses to some reviews, but they aren't showing live.

Has anyone dabbled with this before?
I, unfortunately, haven't. But I know it is possible to REMOVE reviews from Merchant Circle. So if the review was negative it might be less of a hassle to just remove it :)

Thanks Nyagoslov. They are positive reviews. So, I've just been playing around with it trying to get them to show.

It's fascinating just how different review guidelines are on different sites. Deleting negative reviews, I took a double-take when I saw the option to remove reviews. Do you know of other sites that actually allow that?

As far as I know, MerchantCircle is the only one - although there are theories about Yelp.

This great post by Sugar Rae Hoffman is exactly 6 years old, but it still seems to describe MC's approach to reviews perfectly:

MerchantCircle Can Kiss My Consumer Ass

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