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Aug 29, 2013
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We've started group emailing recent customers once a week/fortnight with a follow up feedback type email, with a link to our listing and asking them to leave a review if they had a positive experience.

Can anyone advise whether it is likely to trigger some kind of filter if a few come in at once, because at least one new review (it *may* have been more but I've been away from computer all day) was left this morning and has now vanished.

As I'm sure everyone knows, getting customers to leave reviews is not exactly easy and when you do get them you don't want them vanishing for no reason!.
Sorry, impossible to say. Could be reviewer behavior or velocity on your listing.

OR could be that user - something in their post or posting behavior tripped a filter.

The review spam filter looks at all kinds of things, so no way to know what happened.

This is the approach I advocate:

Asking for Reviews (Post Google Apocalypse)

I'd do individual follow up emails a day or 2 after service and offer 3 choices, don't just push Google reviews. I do exactly as Mike suggests in his post.
Ok thanks Linda, good advice.

I guess it's possible that quite a few responded (while I was out) which set the filter alarm bells off and deleted the lot.

Great link to Mike
if it's a local area service business i swear that area ip factors in. i sometimes do jobs for out of state clients who pay over the phone via credit card. two have said they have left reviews and neither have stuck.

on the flip side, every review from local people and even one solicitor {with a local phone number} that left me a bad one posted

i may be totally off on this but it did make me take notice after what i personally experienced
Just to build off Linda's advice:

Definitely stop asking customers in batches. Not sure exactly how many customers you're emailing every fortnight, but I've found that by far the biggest "risk factor" in getting reviews filtered is asking for too many at once. I'd recommend asking fewer people at a time, several times per week.

By the way, here's a checklist I put together earlier this year:


Agreed. Gently does it, try and spread them around, and high quantity isn't necessary nor does it have much affect on local ranking I would guess.

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