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Jul 24, 2012
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Hello everyone,

I have an issue that I just posted on google's product forums in regards to reviews. I discovered that a client of mine had a local listing and an adwords ad on the same page that was displaying different number of reviews for the exact same profile.

If you want to follow along because I know that the reviews issue is a hot button at the moment the link is below. If you have any insight as to why this might be happening or want to find out if its happening to you or any of your clients it might also be good to follow along.

Google Groups

Hey Marc,

Thanks for posting here to alert me to that thread. I just replied over there asking for more info and you can feel free to post the same info here if you like. Some pros may reply here that aren't active at the G forum.
Interesting find Marc. I don't have any clients doing adwords but it will be an interesting topic to watch. Just out of curiosity, did you ever print out the clients 42 reviews to be able to identify which came up missing? Being the type of person I am, I might also be likely to print out the reviews from each of those sources to try to identify which two are at one location, but not the other.... always looking for clues to figure out Google.

Do keep us posted.
Hi Marc, did some research and added some info over at the G thread.
Hi Marc,
Linda is offering you super advice over at the Google forum. Just thought I'd add that Google has always had a big problem with review count consistency. Long before +, I documented this again and again. Within their own local product, review count would change from day to day, from logged in to logged out. They just wouldn't count things consistently. So, while your issue looks like it is more complex than this, review count issues are a historic problem for the big G. Good luck resolving yours!

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