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Jun 26, 2013
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Maybe I missed a thread or an update - but recently - google is not displaying all of the reviews for businesses. Not just businesses I work with, but random ones I've checked. Here is a couple screenshots showing the glitch?

Companies with 100+ reviews, only show maybe top 10? and then you can't filter the reviews or see any other reviews from the search interface.

businesses with 20 reviews not showing any reviews when you click to see them from google search results page.


Here is screenshot..
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

another one with 0 reviews showing when they have 20
Thanks for reporting Adam!

Tomorrow I'll check to see if this has been reported to Google yet and if not, I'll escalate.
is anyone else seeing this issue? surprised no one else has reported it.
Sorry Adam, meant to tell you I tried to reproduce and couldn't.
Checked other listings and checked Manny's and all reviews show for me.

Maybe temp glitch just on the G server you are hitting?
Hi Adam,

I've just been noticing this issue as well. However, this morning I tried again to look up a few of the client listings that were having this issue, and now the reviews seem to be appearing fine. Have you noticed an update?
Thanks for update Brittany! Anxious to hear what Adam is seeing.
Hey Brittany

It looks like the issue resolved itself yesterday?...I know it wasn't just my computer or search preferences because I used multiple browsers and the clients alerted me to the issue from their own must have been some glitch on Google's side. Seems to be resolved now though.

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