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Apr 30, 2021
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Client has not claimed GBP, but operates as a SAB in their HQ area and online-only elsewhere in the U.S.

What are the implications of claiming GBP & setting the SAB to national/50 states in this situation?

Or better to avoid GBP altogether to maximize national search visibility?

Prospects don't normally search for their business with a geo qualifier like a city or "near me".

Would appreciate insight on the tradeoffs.

I feel sure this has been addressed, but didn't see a specific ? on it.

I wouldn't bother setting a service area that big because it's supposed to indicate that you'd be willing to go in-person to that area to service clients. It also doesn't cause the listing to rank in that area.
Thx Joy. Yep, we know that SAB = in-person visits to clients. Because they legitimately operate with both models, they'd like a way to 1) use Google's local search tools for the HQ SAB and 2) use Google's organic SEO for the rest of the business.

Put another way, they'd rather not be forced to cut the baby in half.

Would love to hear how other businesses with this scenario handle it.
Yeah, I would just go in knowing that the GPB is really only good for branded searches + searches done within a certain mile radius of the location.

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