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Oct 16, 2013
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So I'm nearly 100% sure I know the answer here BUT! We have had a few clients lately that are SABs and want their address shown. Now I've seen what appears to be preferred placement for businesses that have their address showing even if they are home addresses, but it still seems suspiscious to me and I don't ever like showing addresses on mobile businesses. My question is, does showing the address have an adverse affect on the campaign at any point?

I'm thinking this is a speeding scenario where yeah you can show the address, sure it might rank and Google might not penalize it, but you're breaking the rules and could get stopped at any minute. What are your thoughts / opinions?
In the past, I used to see Google suspend pages for not hiding their address but the last example I saw was 2 years ago. Personally I would only show the address if there is a visible storefront.
Agree with Joy. All it takes is one competitor (or their SEO) editing/reporting the listing.
And the address would get removed anyway. And there is always the chance of a slap.

The key is to show your clients that having hidden address is not a negative ranking factor, since that's likely what they are afraid of.

Show them this one for example:
#1 and 3 are hidden.

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