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Mar 1, 2017
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One of our clients switched to our agency to handle his online presence earlier this year. He had two listings on Google at the time; an unclaimed one under his name and a managed one under his practice name.

We had Google Support merge the two together, and it's now listed as:
Olney Dental Center: Eric D. Levine, DDS

He's disappeared entirely from Google Maps searches done from our location and isn't as high as he was when using BrightLocal's tool:

My boss would like to know if we should remove the doctor's name from the listing and if that would restore the search results back to the way they were.

I appreciate any advice you can provide.
I originally thought it was March, but I checked the records again, and I see the merge was completed on August 23rd, 2017.
Hi. I just wanted to follow up on this and see if anyone had any ideas on what happened and how to reverse it. This dentist used to show up in the 3-pack when searching for a dentist in the area, but after merging the two listings, he comes up in 8th place on Maps.

Thanks for your help!
It seems to me like the merge should have helped, not hurt rankings. But I always say too, ANY change to NAP can have unexpected consequences.

Were the names prior to the merge exactly: Olney Dental Center
and the other Eric D. Levine, DDS?
The original page was "Olney Dental Center"

I'm not sure about the second one, but I doubt it was exactly that. More likely it was something like "Levine Eric DDS"

I've been attempting to standardize the dentist's name where possible.
Due to the merge, did the address or pin location change slightly?

I see Dr Kaminski's old listing is marked closed, as it should be. But in the past Joy noted that having a closed listing at a location could suppress the legit listing at that location. Did you by chance close that listing right around the same time you did the merge?

Let's see if she or anyone else has any other ideas/observations.
That's quite likely. Prior to using our agency, I don't think anything was done with Dr. Kaminski's listings. We've been trying to get them closed, merged or removed where we can.

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