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Nov 19, 2012
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Google could be testing new wide spread usage of the New Crap Pack on all industries, not just restaurants hotels and a few others

If this goes widespread its essentially Google saying to all smb's

You are getting less traffic from us. Not a good sign at all.

Crap pack industry wide.jpg
Thanks for sharing Dave!

Oh dear, I've been afraid of this. Sure hope it's only a test and does not spread to all local results.
But I know they've been testing it for quite some time.

I checked that query and others and still see normal 7 packs OR in the case of "Los Angeles personal injury attorney" a one-box that should not be locking everyone else out.

What's bad about the "Snack Pack", for anyone that has not tuned in...

Only 3 listings have a shot at page 1.

And in this new display: no link to site, no phone# and no full address. You have to click to another Google page to get more info, which gives users a bunch of other chances to click off to some other listing.

Not good!

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