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Feb 24, 2013
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Ok I'm a bit confused on this as seems the case these days for me :) I know you should select the category that defines what the business IS and not what is DOES. In my example I am adding a law firm which isn't an option. I can select Lawyer, General Practice Attorney, Personal Injury Attorney but there is no plural option or option for example "Personal Injury Law Firm". Would it be acceptable to use Personal Injury Attorney or is there something that fits better.

Thanks again.
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Chris there are SO many issues around categories I don't even have time to try to explain and carpal hurts so can't type it out. I just had to expand the category section of my Advanced G+L training again for the 3rd time in 2 months because there are so many issues now and it's so much easier to explain by phone instead of typing.

Here is one thread to read and be aware of. There are essentially 3 sets of cat rules now. Places which are pretty lax. G+ cats which are more structured and Map Maker which is super strict can can end up ruling the roost.

Forgot to mention there are a bunch of other threads here in the category section of the forum that go into many of the other issues too.

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