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Oct 21, 2016
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[FONT=&quot]Looking for a SEO Tool suggestion. I currently use Ahrefs and SEOProfiler, but both are being blocked by a clients robots.txt file or server. The website hosting platform that they currently have to use will not remove these restrictions.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]What are some good suggest alternatives for doing website SEO evaluation and monitoring?[/FONT]

What kind of profiling are you looking to do? If Ahrefs is being blocked by the robots file, I doubt majestic would work either, but it'd be easy enough to check.

Do you know how to check a robots file for problems? If it's set improperly, it could be doing worse than just making it hard to get your tools in the door.

I use Ahrefs, screaming frog, and bright local, for whatever that's worth. Bright local tracks everything directly from the SERPs, so nothing on the server side should mess with the ranking reports.
I would check the robots.txt file to make sure they're not blocking known tools. If the robots.txt file turns up clean, then maybe ask for a copy of the .htaccess file to review. If the client is actively blocking bots, then you might be wasting your time testing tools if you don't know what they're actually blocking.

What kind of SEO monitoring do you need? What metrics are you watching?

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