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Jan 12, 2022
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We are a personal injury law firm. Our primary category is "Personal Injury Attorney" there are no services that auto populate under this category (even though our website is linked to the listing) and every time i try to add services, I receive the message,

"Services were added or removed from your business based on feedback from customers and other Google sources. View updates or accept all changes."

Google is literally deleting the services as I add them. How can i fix this???
@itstaymc, do you mention those services verbatim and prominently on the GMB landing page URL (probably the homepage)?

I assume you're talking about practice areas like "Auto Accidents," "Rideshare Accidents," "Workers' Comp," etc.

Ideally, each has its own page, its own section on the homepage, prominent internal links, maybe a spot in the title tag, etc. The standard stuff. GMB really scrutinizes what's on your site, particularly your landing page, when deciding what to wave through to your GMB page. (The overarching goal, of course, is to make the landing page unnecessary for people to visit - or at least just a feed trough for GMB.)

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