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Jul 3, 2020
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Just curious how everyone else is managing the sharing for GBPs.

We have an "agency" account IE we add our GBP profile number to client profiles as an Owner but the email address associated with it is also used by one of our team. By everyone accessing GBPs via that account, they also have access to that team members emails, chat, and anything personal that she & I talk about.

How are others with a small team managing access to GBPs so you don't have to add a whole bunch of users to GBP?

Hi Barb,

We use an agency account as well. We typically request manager access vs owner. We have a similar setup but we create unique emails associated with each location group that aren't tied to a direct employee per se.

We work similarly. In the agency account, you can create user groups by giving them appropriate permissions, e.g. to the entire organization - then they have access to all profiles without access to a Google account/email, or you can give employees/groups access to location groups. It requires some work, but ultimately it helps a lot in managing the organization and controlling permissions.

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