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Mar 18, 2020
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If, for whatever reason, a GMB listing and its respective listing have multiple phone numbers, not all of which are able to be featured on both the listing and the page (In this specific instance, we have one tracking number in Google to track calls from there, a tracking phone number on the landing page, AND the business's standard phone number, which is on every page), how should this be dealt with as far as structured data goes? Should we be including all the phone numbers in the code? Just those on the landing page? Just those featured in the listing? Just the main business phone number?
@NickB-Tampa - In two parts:

1.) You shouldn't mark up content that's not also visible to visitors of the web page. (General structured data guidelines | Google Search Central) So, definitely don't put a tracking number that appears only on GMB into the structured data of your website where it doesn't appear.

2.) The first answer is easy. This one might be a little more of an opinion.

If the point of the structured data in this application is disambiguation (instead of chasing some sort of featured snippet) I don't think it really matters if the tracking number on the page is reflected in the structured data.
On your website - only your main phone number used on non-call tracking search engines and directories. Displayed and in the code.

On GMB - call tracking # in the field. main phone number in the other phone number field so Google knows not to constantly flag your phone numbers as it crawls your website checking for data inaccuracies (one of the sources of their 'suggestions').

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