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Jan 15, 2021
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Hi All,
Just come across something when I do a search on Google Maps for a search term (Could be anything,, but try...) Plumbers dubai
The url returned is;
Plumbers dubai

(I'll include an image as well).
But... when I scroll to te bottom of the maps listing page,, I see the,, 'Showing results 1 - 20' has 2 arrows,, 1 points left,, 1 points right.
But,, both are greyed out!

I used to be able to click the right arrow to bring up the next 20 results.

Am I missing something here?
Has Google blocked people from seeing past the 1st 20 results?
Anyone else have this problem?

Or,, did Google recently make a change to this?

Hope someone can enlighten me here.
Not sure how I can now see past 20 results!

Many thanks,,,,
A very confused,, Google maps user! :)
I am not sure what the issue is, but it only happens with your link. My search displays more results.

more results.jpg
Hi keyserholiday,

Many thanks for your reply.

In your screenshot you are showing Previous 1 - 10 Next,, as if thats an organic page...
You have this format on Google maps?

I'm searching just on maps..

Image below.
Really not sure what the issue is here, using chrome browser

If you please can confirm,, your screenshot, as I don't have this layout in my maps

Many thanks again for your reply

Just to add,
I'm based in the UK,,, so maybe there has been a different roll out of Google maps functionality than in other countries,,
But I just feel something is wrong here....
But I don't know what! :)

If you can try this,,
try searching this keyword term please,
web design agency dubai

Seems to be happening when I search some places abroad.
Most strange...
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Hi there,
another update,

I get different versions depending on if I come from Google organic / local maps,,, or from link

I include 2 images.
Basically in link,, sometimes Google will not let me click past the first 20 results,, maybe a bug?
But if I come from organic / local maps.... I get to view 10 pages +,,,,
(1 negative though is that the gmb everywhere plugin won't display all the categories of the companies in the left hand panel. :-(

Any ideas why if coming from I sometimes cannot view past 20 results?

I'm all ears,, not sure what the problem is here.


Sorry, last image in previous post has an arrow with no label,,, meant to say,, the left and right arrows are greyed out, IE non clickable

Just thought I'd make that clean.
really don't know why though,, that's my question
Hi Rich,
Many thanks for your reply,,
Really really strange,,,, it is now working again in all browsers! Inc Google Chrome again.
It wasn't just for this search term 'Plumbers Dubai' ithere were many 'dubai' search terms I had the issue with, but not other Countries, IE 'Plumbers London'

I'm not sure, but I think maybe there was a bug on Google maps,, as this has been like it for sometime i Dubai searches.
Maybe someone at Google (Maps dept) read this post and fixed it! LOL :)

At least it's working now.
Many thanks for your reply anyway.
Have a great day

All the best Rich

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