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Mar 25, 2014
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Great post by Miriam Ellis (via Moz) on just what the local snack pack results mean for the every day user - and how we (as local SEOs) can best approach them.

Dissecting and Surviving Google's Local Snack Pack Results

Google may have turned off the Carousel for restaurants, but human users are still getting quite a merry-go-round ride trying to use and interpret the Snack Pack that has replaced it.

Click through for the full article.

What do you think about the local snack pack results and how are you making the best use of them for your clients?
Thanks so much for sharing Priya! Was reading yesterday but was not able to share so I'm really glad you did.

Miriam always writes such great, detailed posts and this one is no exception.

I don't really get called on much to research types of listings that are in the snack pack. It's so odd that food and lodging are 2 of the biggest cats, yet those seldom come up here. So as a result I have not really looked at the snack pack much.

But I can tell you if I still had clients and if some were restaurants I would be very frustrated with the results, for all the reasons Miriam mentioned.

Thanks again for sharing Priya!

What do the rest of you think? Do you have clients in the snack pack???

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