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Jul 23, 2012
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Hey Everybody!
Hope you are all having a nice evening. I was just doing a phone number lookup in, and it reminded me that I have always encountered something in the right hand results that I've never understood. I'll try to explain, and if you know the answer, you will solve a years-old mystery for me.

So, you type a phone number into

Google returns you a listing or listings on the right side of the screen.

Below the listings is a little note which reads along the lines of: See all 10 results for...

But then when you click on that snippet, it doesn't show you any further results. In other words, there aren't 10 results, or 20 results or whatever.

Why does this happen? Why does the snippet indicate that there are more results, but then doesn't show them to you when you click to request that they be shown.

I've always wondered about this.

P.S. This happens with business name lookups, too; not just phone numbers
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Great question Miriam!

I've wondered myself and never knew the answer. Someone recently, I'm pretty sure it was here said they think it?s due to previous dupes that have merged. I think they explained that means there at some point have been 10 different records in the local database at various times that have all been reconciled and merged into 1.

But I don't remember who said it and if they were speaking authoritatively or making an assumption or guess. Sounds plausible though?
Bumping this back up because Miriam and I were talking about it late last night so it kind of got buried under other new posts.

Anyone know more or have ideas about this?
Oops, sorry I posted in the wrong category, Linda. Thank you for moving it.

That's an interesting explanation. If you come across the source of that theory, I'd love to read more. It has always puzzled me.
I've been wondering as well, thanks Miriam!

Another thing I've noticed is that when other listings actually do show up when you click on "See all 10 results for..."
they are pulling reviews and other blurbs about the business being searched.

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