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Oct 3, 2012
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Does anyone know if there needs to be special formatting for physical locations inside of malls? It looks like Google is picking up on the fact that the address is the mall, so it's adding that locator in front of the main address. My concern is that I'm seeing a location with the same address as every other business in the mall. Is it advisable to add a suite number or a store location number to the address? I haven't dealt with as many businesses contained in another business before, so I'm looking for additional advice before I move forward.
I have a few mall clients, just looked at the addresses but it looks like the only differentiating address signal for tenants is the suite number.

Looked at one clients rankings for a mall in San Antonio. They have top placement for 12% of targeted keywords despite sharing a similar address as mall and other tenants.

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So you're thinking the suite number/location number within the mall is less important?
I'm really not sure Eric but my guess would be to make sure the suite is always included from aggregators to niche citations because it is the only differentiating part of an address shared by many other businesses.

Having lots of other businesses share the address can't help. More so if some of those businesses are in the same verticle. Totally guessing, shooting from the hip.

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That's what I was thinking, but wasn't really sure what others in the space were doing. Thanks for the input!
I have a theory that lots of listings at the same address weakens ranking (a negative signal) if they don't have suite numbers properly input.

Something I really want to test when MapMaker reopens is if it's better (ranking-wise) for a business if Google Maps actually understands a business has a suite number. A huge majority of the time there is no suite # listed if you look in MapMaker because data doesn't pass from GMB to MapMaker very well if it's not formatted exactly the right way. MapMaker uses drop-down lists whereas GMB lets you enter whatever you want.

More on this:!topic/map-maker/8vlWGw2YV4o

I really want to measure how it impacts ranking at some point but it's impossible to do at the moment with MM being closed.

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