Jun 28, 2012
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I just came across this free tool for evaluating page speed for WordPress sites:

One of the interesting things this site revealed about one of the sites I tested is this:

Reduce the impact of third-party code
Third-party code blocked the main thread for 380 ms

Third-party code can significantly impact load performance. Limit the number of redundant third-party providers and try to load third-party code after your page has primarily finished loading.

Third-PartyTransfer SizeMain-Thread Blocking Time
Google CDN305054236.78
Google/Doubleclick Ads477490147.63
Google Tag Manager91816
Google Fonts43988
Other Google APIs/SDKs30820
Google Analytics21394

Notice anything about this table?

That's right. They are all Google. The same Google that keeps pushing us to reduce page load speeds. :)
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