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Mar 15, 2013
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This seems like it's a pretty common problem but my company star rating was recently 4.2 stars. I then received 5 star reviews and the rating remains at 4.2.

Will this eventually update? Stay the same?
It may be slow to update. It also depends on how many reviews you've got. The more reviews, the less a new one is going to affect your average.
Phil is right, plus ratings often will not add up because Google calculates that score based on more than what you and I can see...

Jade from Google explains here.

Jade wrote in reply to ratings not adding up: "Please note that as we improve the way we calculate overall ratings, the number displayed may fluctuate slightly."

"...the overall rating score is based on user ratings as well as a variety of other signals. So, the overall rating may not be the simple arithmetic mean of all the user ratings."
If it makes you feel any better, I've seen the # of reviews stay the same and the stars remain the same but the numbered part has changed a few times. 4.x to 4.x

At least they are staying in the high 4'

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