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May 31, 2019
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When you search "Suboxone Clinic Houston" only 1 specific map listing shows because the name is Houston Suboxone Clinic. This appears to be a real business and the actual business name.

Is there any way to get Google to show a regular 3-pack instead though? It's not even an exact match of the name.

I tried the "send feedback" link at the bottom of the page, but I know that doesn't get an individual response.


This is also happening in Chicago (Suboxone Clinic Chicago) and in that case, the business is CLOSED. (When you call it sends an automatic text message saying the business is closed. The website has been shut down). I tried: the redressal form, suggesting an edit with the text message included, had others suggest an edit and posted on the Google Help forum. Nothing is getting that listing removed.

chicago suboxone clinc.jpg
This is tricky. It would be a lot easier if that wasn't their actual name. We've had some success with this scenario in the past but not 100% consistent.

Try creating Google Posts about that specific topic/keyword. That can work.

Add in more signals with that keyword into your GBP landing page. Internal links with that as the anchor text. Also, if the GBP landing page is an internal page with multiple folders, try shortening the URL on the topic page to remove a folder.
@Colan Nielsen - First and foremost, congrats on the Top Post of the Month badge :) Thank you so much for your quick reply.

Your suggestion helped a bit in Houston. But Chicago is still showing only the closed listing.

To try to get this closed location removed, I have:
- Suggested an edit (many times and asked colleagues too)
- Posted on the GMB forum
- Submitted the redressal form
- Submitted a ticket to GMB support (They said only the owner can close a location)

It blows my mind because what a terrible user experience for users to only see one unworking option. There's a review and a question on the listing asking if this business is still open. And, as mentioned, the website has been removed and when you call no one answers and it sends you an auto-text saying the business is closed (Screenshot in the original post above).

Is there anything I can do!?

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Here is the Houston post > Symetria — Houston Outpatient Rehab & Suboxone Clinic - Google Search

Symetria — Chicago Outpatient Rehab & Suboxone Clinic - Google Search - I didn't do Chicago until yesterday when I heard back from GMB support that they weren't going to remove the closed listing. I thought that they would. I don't understand why they would want to show only a closed listing like that.

If you have edits or an example of a post that worked for this, please let me know. Maybe I didn't do that right. I also added internal links and even one external link for Chicago, as suggested.

The URL shortening we are still discussing. I never heard that before, so super interesting.
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@Colan Nielsen - I forgot to take you in my last reply. Also, I saw the listing went away temporarily, but it's back now. For one day it was showing the 3-pack map, but it's back to showing that listing now.
It looks like the listing isn't marked as closed yet. Google said they don't think it should be marked closed? What evidence did you provide them?
I only have the screenshot of the text message that you get when you call the number, coming from the same number in their listing that says the business is closed.

(If they called that number from a US-based number, they would for sure get the same text themselves, which seems like it should be good enough).

It's also not licensed to provide these services per the government website - Buprenorphine Treatment Practitioner Locator, but I didn't mention that yet.

This is the official response:
"As mentioned earlier in the previous email we can not remove the business profile without the consent of the owner. You can report a problem on maps. You can request for ownership and then get it removed."

I can see on Google street this handwritten posterboard in the window that says the doctor's name. I'm going to have someone drive by. Hopefully, it's gone.

Any thoughts on what else I could send that would convenience them?
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This is the official response:
"As mentioned earlier in the previous email we can not remove the business profile without the consent of the owner. You can report a problem on maps. You can request for ownership and then get it removed."

That's right. They won't remove it. But if it's closed and you can show them that they should mark it as permanently closed. Just make that part more explicit when you follow-up with Google.
@Colan Nielsen - Google is copying and pasting the directions on how to "Suggest an Edit" over and over. The ticket isn't going anywhere.

I opened a new ticket on my personal Gmail and changed the angle. I asked for someone to review the "Google's reviewing your suggestion Permanently closed" that's been pending for 3 months. Still not helpful. They told me no information could be sent to the "dedicated team" that does the suggest an edit reviews, but I could submit my edit again. (Which I've submitted many times, including yesterday and put this image).

Is there anything I can do?!

No, the post is fine. The forum is run by volunteers and it's quite backed-up so 24 hours is pretty normal. I'll check it out now.
@Colan Nielsen - thank you so much for getting Google's attention and getting this finally marked closed! Do you have any kind of patron link I could support?!

Sadly, the issue is still dragging on though. It's marked permanently closed, but still showing for "Suboxone Clinic Chicago" and "Suboxone Chicago". You mentioned I could do a Google post that has those keywords in it. Do you have an example of what that might look like? I deleted the post I had before because it didn't seem like it helped.

I'm probably overcomplicating it, but is there a certain post type that works better? Or, a way you write them that gets more traction?

Thank you!
Follow-up for anyone that might read this, I wrote another post with keywords in it. This did launch the map for "suboxone Chicago", but the bad listing is still showing for "suboxone clinic Chicago". Even though it's marked as permanently closed, users can't see any other local/maps options, so that sucks. I'll update here if that eventually goes away. Thanks again, Colan for all your help!
Update: This listing came back marked open for no reason and is dominating non-brand search. I marked as permanently closed without a photo and it was accepted right away this time. Fingers crossed. So crazy how these things work!
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