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Jul 18, 2012
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I'm about to launch a new website for a client, but I decided to check on their current site (which I designed a few years ago) and noticed something really odd.

When I search the dentist's name I get the following results. Check out the description...


It's a WordPress site and I scanned for malware... and even looked in GWT. I can't find anything.

Here's what I searched to find this:"Walton+S+Peery+DDS"


Uh-oh, Chris. That looks rather like a hack to me. Looks like your client's site is WordPress based, and hacks are not uncommon. I did a search for some of the spam that's appearing in the description and didn't turn up anything. But, if you search for 'payday loans hack', you will find a ton of stuff. For example:

Google Groups

Unfortunately, I'm not an ace troubleshooter, but an investigation of the server is one way to discover if strange things have been uploaded. I hope someone who has more experience with resolving hacks will chime in.
Thanks for your help Miriam!

I did a quick search and found some good tools. I'm also happy to know that the new site, which is about to go live, is not infected.

FYI- it seems it's GoDaddy problem- the old site is hosted via GD, but I've been using HostGator for new clients the past two years and have been very happy with their service.
Hi Chris,
You know, I almost asked if the site was hosted by GoDaddy, but I was in a bit of a rush. Issues like this one are a reason many people migrate away from that particular company. We've experienced numerous hacks of clients' sites that they had hosted there. Not great. Glad if my reply helped.

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