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Aug 18, 2014
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Hi everyone,

I was doing a search today for "Car insurance Miami" and found multiple listings for a company called "Estrella Insurance" who seems to be using numbers (#1, #20, #31) as their descriptors. Is this against Google guidelines? I know that descriptors are allowed (although not always recommended) but I don't think numbers are truly describing the business location. Is this something I should report as abuse?


car insurance maimi.PNG

car insurance maimi.PNG
Odd. Maybe they are using the numbers to keep track of the locations better in their bulk-manager? :confused:

I don't believe it is against quality guidelines.
They have a ton of locations. Looks like that's their naming convention for all their franchises.
I've seen Subway or some other big chain do this.

Use Classic maps and see all their listings here:
They are almost all numbered like that.

Not sure why you'd report. It's not like adding a KW - they won't rank better because they added a number.

Nope, those numbers are within Google's guidelines. Clunky and useless, but still Kosher.

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