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Aug 30, 2023
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I have a few potential customers that have food tuck businesses.

One has a GBP that used to be at a permanent address that has now been marked as permanently closed at that address (with close to 300 reviews). I would assume they could convert that to a SAB and mark it as open again.

It looks like in Canada & the US there is a GBP Category for Mobile Catering.

They usually post locations on FB & IG but I would imagine posting as a GBP event would be handy to get some additional exposure and be able to once again start gathering reviews.

Anyone else have any suggestions for this niche?
For sales for sure FB and IG are the spots, make sure everyday the location is updated in settings not by post. (people don't scroll for addresses) Post lots of photos of people making the "omigod this tastes amazing" face with truck in background in full swing. That's the money shot. People will drive 45 minutes for a flavor.

In terms of brand and awareness growth get the menu ranked with topical relevance to their niche, i.e. Best Mexican in Laredo or whatever. Pound that like a fence post with brand links back to main page and menu. Lead with food not truck, often owners are so proud of their build and costs that they focus on the truck. Food is 99% of why people come spend, if you focus on branding it as the most delicious experience ever people will be curious.

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