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Jul 2, 2013
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Ok so this one stumped me this morning - on phone with Google working through some verification/claiming issues on a new listing and they mentioned that the support for rel=?publisher? was on hiatus - I felt it odd, as the "recent posts" for the knowledge graph was working this morning for me.

Anyone else heard this?
Thanks for bringing up. That's interesting and the 1st I've heard.

Maybe this is why LOL!

I just searched G+ to see if there was any news about it.

Look what I found: rel=?publisher?

Spammed, misused and abused. :mad:
Ok glad I wasn't the only one thrown for a loop on that one - he seemed very confidant about it, but until I see more its a bit of the grain of salt. We've always just used it to connect the site and plus page.
Wow, Linda. :eek:

So disappointing to see all that spam in there. I suppose the obvious question of "why on earth would you do that" is simply "because we're spammers and we can".


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