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Wow that's irritating. I'll pass this on to Google as feedback.
We just did the resubmission too Tim. We definitely didn't receive a notice before, but now we have the "we see you've already submitted" notice.

Wonder which they'll respond to, the new one, or the email that we never received :)
We're at three weeks from when I first contacted them this Saturday. The reps claimed our was over a photo of a pop-up sign (other photos showed we clearly had permanent signage) and then it turned into a mess (Are you a mall? How many businesses? Can you send us photos of the interior? Do you know these other businesses?) It was as if each new rep would just find something different to kill time and then tell us 24-48 hours. I haven't heard from them in over a week.

We're just frustrated, like many of you but we got into this mess before they admitted a delay.






We just did the resubmission too Tim. We definitely didn't receive a notice before, but now we have the "we see you've already submitted" notice.

Seems like Google really messed this up when they decided to turn on the suspension switch this time.

By the way, @Conor Treacy , I'm writing this from a hotel room in Omaha right now. I have been here for a few days for a family reunion, and we return home to San Diego tomorrow. :D
Welcome to Omaha! I hope you're enjoying our 90F weather and 180% humidity before returning back to So.Cal and it's 75F "do I need to bring a jacket?" weather ;)
I was born here (in Omaha) and have visited many times (my mom's family is in Plattsmouth) so I knew what sort of weather we were getting into. ;)
@Chaddow that brings up an interesting point... How many of you who have seen suspensions, have had them happen when changes were made via (a) an agency dashboard account, (b) your non-agency dashboard account, or (c) the business owner's account?
We have several accounts that got suspended for things like adding photos, and one for changing the URL to HTTPS!
We have changed NOTHING else. And to make matters worse, we needed Google's help in reacquiring a GMB (login info lost). It took 2 months but we finally got in, open it up DID NOTHING but add myself and the client as owners and the next day got suspended.
It makes me think that Google has over-compensated on an algorithmic change and it has hurt more than helped.
Looking for a little clarification here... Are these hard or soft suspensions? In other words, does the listing still show on Google and you've just lost you ability to manage it (soft suspension)? Or has it vanished from Google Maps / map pack results entirely (hard suspension)?
In the case of my own two: they still appear in my Google My Business agency dashboard, marked Suspended, but they do not appear in local search results (ouch!)

The fact that they are losing out on appearing in search results while they take weeks to even respond or acknowledge requests for reinstatement is very concerning because those clients are undoubtedly losing new revenue opportunities due to Google's errors and for longer than necessary due to Google's incompetence at responding.
Same here. Luckily when you search for the suspended business, our other business at the same location shows up. They share part of the name but different business and hours. Either way, better than not existing at all.
Just checking in on this thread. No update from Google, no notice on the original ticket that was opened. I did get my notice saying that I had previously opened a ticket, and then the other day I got a "survey request" for that ticket. So I made some comments in there, but no idea on the other ticket number. (This is the ticket number of the duplicate: 6-7752000026692 )
Going through similar challenges on our most recent reinstatement request. Been waiting for 3 weeks now for an attorney client after 3 escalation attempts. Very frustrating indeed.
I filed a new reinstatement request, for a new suspensions, on Saturday, and have not yet received an acknowledgement.
Google posted an announcement recently about GMB support delays. They said that the current turnaround time for reinstatements is 2-3 weeks. o_O

Also, I was told last week that as of June 24th you cannot use typical support channels to get reinstated - you must go through the reinstatement form only so there appears to be no way to "skip the line" per say.
Question: Just out of interest, if an agency has had all listings in their account put under suspension, let's say 50. Does the agency have to submit 50 individual reinstatements for each business in said account, or does GMB support see that the rest of your account is okay and reinstate all of the other businesses automatically?

...asking for a friend 😏 honestly, this hasn't happened to me, thank goodness!!
My instinct is that that would count as 50 separate soft suspensions. Otherwise the dashboard probably wouldn’t even be accessible.
My instinct is that that would count as 50 separate soft suspensions. Otherwise the dashboard probably wouldn’t even be accessible. 50 separate reinstatements I guess.

Oh dear, time for an interesting conversation with said "friend".
In a day or two I'll file a second reinstatement request for this latest one. I speculate that I'll receive another one of those "go away, don't bother us, we received your first submission" emails, with a case number.

I definitely have NOT received the mythical "first" email for any of them. <sigh>

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