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Aug 9, 2012
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Can someone play detective here for me? Does any of this make sense? And what do I do about it?
One site ranks on Google – the other two don’t even show up – yet one is ranked # 1 on Yahoo and Bing! For KW lake mary barber
1) no Google ranking but #1on Yahoo and Bing

we know our NAP here above is wrong (same name and address, but different phone than main site) and getting ready to change that – this location’s main site is - we do no work on this

2) We then have with the same type of NAP as Kennedys, i.e. same name and address for both sites, but different phone.

But… they ranking #3 on Google, #2 Yahoo, $1 Bing = KW for lake mary travel agent
Why do they show up on Google?
Their main site is: - we do no work on this

3) If that isn’t enough, we do both lead capture and main here (different content): Ranks E for G Places, no google organic ranking, #6 on both yahoo and bing. KW pressure washing orlando

their main site shows up #7 on google!

So, what gives? Can u help us unravel this mystery? I just don’t get this at all. Help! Thx.

As I started to try do some digging for you, and began to prepare a reply of my observations, I also came across a thread from a few months back http://localsearchforum.catalystema...ient-web-site-seems-have-disappeared-but.html in which both Linda and Miriam spent a considerable amount of time and effort in trying to explain some of the issues they were seeing. Fact is, I'm still seeing some of the same issues which would prevent you from ranking in Google now, despite having done so in the past, for the EMD Lake Mary Barber Shop | Men's Haircut and Shave Club.

I think it was Linda who stated previously that with all of the other indicators out there for Google to analyze, the actual Kennedy All American Barber Shop sites carry more weight, are more relevant and worthy of showing up in the SERPS as opposed to your landing page site. It's their playground. And until you present Google with a page or information that is more consistent and in line with the actual business and location, it may never show. But, that being said, I and many here, have seen listings show up in Google's coveted positions despite themselves. So the fact that you also might have another landing page site, that seems to work could be simply luck if it has the same issues as the other landing page site; or it's good enough that no other page outweighs it when it comes to relevance, etc.

Fact is, there are tons of issues with the Lake Mary Barber Shop | Men's Haircut and Shave Club site that have been pointed out and need to be rectified and doing so will take time, effort and unless you're working pro-bono for this client, more dollars on their part if they want to proceed with this marketing strategy.

And, the fact that you might be ranking in Google and not any of the other search engines or vice-versa is something that I personally would not be banging my head against the wall about. To my knowledge there is absolutely no correlation between the way Google algorithms work and those of other search engines. I've always simply tried to concentrate on Google first, since that is the 900 pound gorilla.

I guess my question is, if their business is already appearing on the first page of Google, albeit as the main franchise page and one of its own local pages (lake mary), including a G+L hanging off the franchise site, and they are not getting as many inquiries or calls as they would like, how is it that adding a third ranking page would make that any better for them?
don - thx so very much --- this was a project that we sold a while ago, and would have done it much differently knowing what we know now...

the other 2 sites listed in my thread - any further ideas on them? thx again...

I suspect they might have similar issues, though you say they are ranking in Google, perhaps not as high as you would like?

In your post from a few months back, you mentioned how it was hard to keep up with all the changes and moving parts. That is so true. The thought occurred to me after I had sent off the post that perhaps you might not understand, or need help, trying to address some of the issues Linda had pointed out.

If so, lets take this offline for now, send me a PM, and maybe you can better explain your challenges. Not sure how much I can help, but I can give it a shot!
Thanks SO much Don.

I'm madly trying to wrap up emergency client consults and stuff because my daughter is going in for surgery and I'll need to be offline a lot helping the family for a few days. So I don't have time to dig in and do all the research like I did last time on this one.

So really appreciate you offering to help.

Mark I just don't think you can expect someone to invest too much time with these as there are so many different issues and muliple sites and bottom line I just don't think your model really works well in today's local environment. To salvage and re-do this you should really pay and consultant to dig in and help you figure it all out. But I know you can't afford one. So it's just tough.

Don can maybe give you a couple tips and he's very generous to offer, but he has his own clients, so obviously there is only so far he can go at no charge.
thx don! how do I connect with you on a PM here? pls give me the steps...:)

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