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Nov 14, 2014
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I do a flat rate Website/Seo package for a niche industry. For the past 7 months, we had a client who took 20 times more of our time than any other of our 65 clients. He had 4 sites with us in 4 different markets. I could go on and on about his crazy hundreds of emails and games he liked to play, but I won't. Upon further research, I discovered he has 9 different sites in one market for the same company. He dosent have a store, but is a mobile business. His sites dominate the SERP. I found fake reviews on YP and a few other places. I'm looking for new clients in these markets and this guy is clogging up the SERPs. Does Google care if this is happening and will they do anything about it if they knew? Any advice on what to do?
Fire him. Plenty of other fish in the sea that aren't a PITA.
You'll be losing less than 2% of your income and freeing up a ton of stress? Sounds like an awesome deal to me. You could use some of your new found free time to get a new client to replace them with.

Yes, of course Google cares. Getting rid of spam can be challenging, but it sounds like it won't be a problem in this case. You can report it on map maker, ( "suggest an edit" > "this place is closed or does not exist" > "spam." ). You won't hear back, but it'll get to the spam team that way. If there's enough spam/ring of spam, you can go to the google my business support forum and post there for a TC to elevate, but this is just a one off deal.

Personally, I'd consider waiting until you actually had a client in the area before making the move to do that. For starters, gives you an easy win with the new client, and it also puts at least a little bit of time in between you leaving this client and reporting him. Makes your life easier if he never thinks of you when he questions why his business is suddenly tanking. Maybe a little Machiavellian, but always good to save yourself some potential hassle.
If there is some very high amount of money you would be willing to receive to deal with his antics, raise your price to that amount. Even if it is 10x higher than what he is currently paying. Include stipulations that he cannot do any of the things you don't like. (for example one time I told a client I would only take them on if they promised to never complain. He wouldn't agree to that lol!) Anyway, he probably won't pay it and will have to quit. I have done this quite a bit. Occasionally they'll pay it, and when they do, they often shut up and stop playing games once you assert yourself in this way.
Both points are valid. Upping the price will let them know how needy they are being. It's good that you are keeping an eye on this. Some agencies will keep this sort of client for the money not knowing they are shooting themselves in the foot with stress and time wasted. Pointing out the err in his ways could also be a case for raising his price.
Nah, I still swear I've had the world's worst client.

Does he have a bunch of fake listings on Google? If so you could get them removed.

James' advice is really solid!

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