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Oct 3, 2012
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Read this article from Joy -

100% agree with her; there is too much data and too much noise being presented to clients. "Noise" for a client would be keyword rankings. 1st position on a keyword you're tracking doesn't necessarily mean profitability. If the business isn't profitable, then what's the point of tracking that keyword?

I'm a big fan of using LTV to discuss marketing targets with customers. That also helps us get into Cost Per Lead and Cost Per Acquisition figures, which let's us know if the campaign is doing well or not. I think the idea of showing the consultant's value is fantastic. I'll be borrowing that idea and putting it at the end of presentations/reports to solidify the point.

What else are consultants using to report, and what metrics do you think are important to clients?

I should add, if you're just sending automated Google Analytics PDFs... that's lazy. Stop doing that now.
Thanks so much for sharing this Eric. Can't wait to read it.

Anything by Joy is great, but the way you've summarized it - this sounds like a "must read" for all local consultants! Adding this image for incentive to go read - it's brilliant!



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