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Aug 18, 2016
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Hey guys,
I'm currently working with a client - law firm.
2 locations: Chicago/Orland Park (Chicago is the main location)
2 practice areas - personal injury/criminal defense

Of course he wants to rank for both locations and both practices.

I advised him that it would be better to create a separate page for Orland Park and he agreed.
So now I'm re-writing the on-page elements (titles in particular) and I realized that I'm a little bit confused. Should I use the following structure:

Home page - Practice area 1 + Practice area 2 | Both Locations | Brand Name
Service page - Practice area | Both Locations | Brand name

Some of his titles at this point look like this:

Chicago Personal Injury Attorney & Criminal Defense Lawyer
Chicago Car Accident Lawyer | Cook County | Orland Park, Illinois
I wouldn't waste space mentioning his main location in the secondary location's service area page, the home page is a little more up for debate and I'll be interested to see how others weigh in.

Also, I know that formulaic formats like practice area | location | Brand name is pretty common, but title tags only serve 2 functions really... CTR (like an adwords headline) and it's a ranking signal (though not as important of one as it was in the past). You want to rank for practice area and location name, so those should be there, but from a conversion perspective, think about how you'd write the adwords headline. For that matter, if the client is also running an adwords program with you, you can even use part of that budget to test headlines since you'll likely be running traffic to that page anyway.
Late reply but I wouldn't worry about adding brand to title tags as long as it's in your domain name. Use it to put something in there that will up your CTR.

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