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Jun 28, 2012
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Evan Oder shared a post at our Local Search Pros G+ Community

Evan Oder:
To all my Google My Business data geeks... check out these 2 new updates in the dashboard that shows Returning Visitors to your business listing and the most popular times! Pretty cool stuff... check your dashboards!

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What do you think?

Are you seeing "Ok Google" queries too?
That is interesting. I'm a long time whiner complainer about data that google presents in the GMB insights and all the other data its presented in previous names before GMB. Regardless, this information is unique, different and you can't check it anywhere else.

I'm curious for those that show it in their GMB panels and even more curious because per Evan it allows you to interact with google, ask questions and get feedback.

Can Google give you data on those visitors? Specifically can it tie the visitors to visits to the GMB Page or the website? I bet google has the data. It has to. Its using location data to tell you that someone with the same mobile phone has been in one's smb, once, twice, or more times. It also has to know if that device landed on your maps record, or on your website in search.

Google is also doing something like this in adwords, though you need to have ton's of visitors and/or many sites. (I forget). (In either case--our smb's are neither that big or numerous to qualify for the info)

Great find. Very interesting. Of many different verticals that pay attention or not to google one I find that doesn't is restaurants. This is the kind of data that could attract their attention as many many restaurants show "busyness" info in the Knowledge Box(Panel). This type of info would certainly make them more interested in Google.

OH...and btw: If you were concerned about ISP's "selling" your private info....Google has a lot. :rolleyes:

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