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Apr 3, 2020
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With NAP Consistency a little less urgent then it was years ago, I want to pose this question. Having a call tracking number specifically to use for chambers of commerce. We belong to say a dozen chambers in our service area business. The data geek in me would really like to get some insight into how many calls are coming from those chambers, if any. Concerns with replacing the phone number with a tracking # on those chambers?

We could, and will, use dynamic number insertion on our website for Chamber source, but that only captures part of the pie. If someone called straight from the chamber listing we'd miss that attribution.

Thanks for your thoughts!
When adding tracking numbers to business directory type sites, I normally like to add that tracking number as an "additional" number inside GMB to help prevent NAP leakage.

However, there is only room to add 2 to 3 additional number inside GMB. With that said, I think the risk in the modern local eco-system is pretty low. If we are talking about throwing a dozen different phone numbers into the ecosystem, I do think there is some risk of NAP issues, but I think it's a low risk. Only one way to know for sure :)
Thanks Colan! True enough on only one way to know for sure ;)

But I do appreciate your thoughts. We'll test it out and see what happens!

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