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Thinking out loud here...

I am curious about the SEO change logs of those businesses.

Couldn't those businesses have worked on their listings or change something that would positively or negatively impact their business?

I am not saying it's the reason for the flux but it's been 2 months and would suspect that these businesses would've reacted instead of just stand still.

Also, when I search I get different results than those posted here.

I think the quality of the content is a major factor as I have seen examples of those who just focus on content being in the A spot in local and 1 in organic.

Wouldn't it be awesome if this type of shuffling from the SERPs was the actual behavior from this point forward? This would change the SEO game big time!

Good points Louis!

Yes, TOTALLY different results again for me now too. 3rd major change today I've seen today. Basically you blink and it all changes.

You're, then you're out. You're up then you're down. (Who wrote that song?)

Right now spammy Seattle Family is BACK in the A spot. Flourish is back at B. Fremont is back at C. And Eastlake is D instead of the Dr listing.

Lake Union, Align, Inspire and Queen Anne are all gone.

Divine Chiro has a double with both the practice and Dr listing ranking lower in the pack.

Its different algos on different datacenters switching back and forth.

It's not just people working on stuff IMO. Too erratic and radical and inconsistent.
What interests me is the double doctor/practice listings. I have a doctor that's outranking the practice right now. I haven't applied the fix to it yet and wondering if I even should. They are showing in the 1 and 3 spot in a 3 pack. I mean, I know I should but I'm thinking hmm... why give up a spot to someone else?

Edit: The practice is actually the #1 spot. Just that they're taking up two spots in a 3 pack.
Steven, Pigeon likes Dr dupes so like I always say "Find out what she wants and give it to her!" :)

In the past that Dr dupe would have either knocked practice out of pack OR replaced it and if it's a bare Dr listing with no reviews, that's not good.

But ride the wave for now and keep your 2 spots - just keep an eye on it, because she's a fickle old bird and who knows what she'll do next!!! :rolleyes:
True that. It's probably more complicated, though. It's a more hyper-local, neighborhood search, albeit a popular neighborhood in this city, and I wonder if this is hurting my attempts at ranking better in a citywide search. But there's so many things I haven't put into effect yet, I can hold off for a minute and see how this pigeon lands...

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