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Aug 27, 2019
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Hey guys,

We have a client who wants to know where each individual lead conversion is coming from as in:

1. How they got to the site (Social Media, Blog, Search, etc.)
2. Where they landed and traveled to while on the site.
3. Which page they submitted the Lead Form on.
4. Identify the person.

I don't see how Google Analytics can match a person (name) up with a goal completion.

Any thoughts?
1.) Look at the "Acquisition" section.

2.) See "Behaviour", "Behaviour Flow". (This becomes particularly useful when you segment the audience.)

3.) Lead form submission is an event. If you use Google Tag Manager is easy to assign the page URL to one of the event fields. (category, action, label) OR, in Google Analytics, make form submission a goal then see "Conversions", "Goals", "Overview". The overview shows you the "goal completion location". That is, the URL where the form was submitted.

4.) Google does not allow you to pass information that would allow it (i.e. Google) to identify people. That would include name, phone number, etc. Best practices to avoid sending Personally Identifiable Information (PII) - Analytics Help If your website users are logged in, you could pass something like a userID as a custom dimension so you could identify them but Google could not.
They have a flow chart but as far as I know they don't track a specific lead.
I used Matomo back when it was Piwik. Not sure how it looks today, but back then it was a pretty basic UI. I liked the fact that it was self-hosted and I controlled my data.

Doesn't look like it shows specific user actions though. You might need a CRM like Hubspot (or a cheaper alternative) to do something like that.

In GA you could use the User-ID report to tell you what the specific lead was doing, but to know WHICH lead it was, you'll need to find the timestamp on the lead intake and then match it up with the time of the conversion in GA. Then once you have that, you can only focus the GA date range on that particular day and check users in the User-ID report.

Can't directly match up a user / name with the specific user event in GA, but you could dig around a little bit to get pretty close.

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