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Sep 12, 2012
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So, this is a problem client I've been having for a long time.

At one point, the owner of this company had two businesses at the same address. One was "Value Roofing" and one was "Value Painting". Different industries, names, phones, websites. But Value Painting outranked Value Roofing. I figured it was because the names were too close to one another and they were at the same address. When we moved the company to a new location, I thought that would clear it up. And it did...for awhile.

When Pigeon hit Value Roofing went from recovering and being in the top 10 on GMB to being in the low 40's.

I think Google is still associating us at our old address somehow (changed over 2+ years ago on GMB and other sites) and that triggered Pigeon on us. When I Google "Roofing company 721 Darden Place" (our old address) we show up #1 in maps and organic. That kind of tells the tale.

Anyone have any ideas?

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