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Sep 20, 2019
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Can anybody explain why this business has two business name fields to suggest an edit on? The proper name is Econofitness 24/7 and the old name is Econofitness au feminin. If you view the listing in French it's the right name, if you view the listing in English it's the old name. Anybody know what is going on?

Yes, I've seen this a lot (I also work in Montreal). The existence of different-language names is basically an undocumented feature in Google Maps. Sometimes you change the one in the dashboard but the English one does not follow, I wrote a blog post about this earlier this year.

It is an incredibly stupid thing. Sometimes the name is locked, but only in French, so you can change the English name as much as you want, but the French one doesn't change even when your suggestions are explicitly being accepted!

Doing manual edits like this is literally the only way to change the "secret English name".
Thank you, hidden feature. Interesting. Found out if you have this for Spanish, there is a different dashboard you can access. If you change the "en" to "es" it changes to the other language and gives you access to the other business name field.

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