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May 4, 2013
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First post... so I apologize if this is in the wrong area.

Ok, I have a client that manufactures a special type of window for hurricanes. They have a local business that installs to a fairly large area here in south Florida and have done NO SEO at all. The issue is that they manufacture these very unique windows (with patents) at their local shop... but wish to start marketing them nationally online.

So Im tossed as to either creating two websites that cross for the manufacture side (for national B2B) and one site for the local service install company (for local B2C)...or One site that covers both the local service, as well as, the manufacturing and national wholesale.

Any thoughts? One site? or Two?
Not sure I understand. Why only B2B on the national scale? Would they not wish to sell to individuals nationally? Or are they simply not set up to ship them?

If they cannot ship to individual customers, then I would probably go with two websites.

If they can, I would go with one and make it clear that installations can only be arranged locally.
Thank you for the reply DJ

Yes, they can sell to individuals. However, my thought was for one of the sites to be the more established professional site for builders, architects and contractors for bulk and wholesale... and primarily target the East and North East coast with a broader national organic SEO campaign. The other site to give the feeling of a more personal install service company with a strong local campaign targeting local service areas surrounding the business' immediate physical location.

Yes they can sell to individuals up north...however Im thinking it would be rare for individuals to actually install them themselves.

I was apparently the only web guy to suggest they do separate sites..., so I just wanted to know if anyone here had any thoughts on whether they thought that was a good or bad idea... from an SEO perspective.

Best, Tom
Given your clarification above, I see your point and I would agree with you. It would probably be a good approach not only from an SEO standpoint but also from a customer standpoint.
I would build two.

The audience is different so make two different websites.
Agree with the above sentiments and sounds like a perfect candidate for a sub-domain being that the sites are related, but not enough to warrant sub-directories. There was another discussion around here recently on the subject.

Two sites or a sub-domain seems to be the best option to maintain the feel and integrity of the original site. Two types of searchers/buyers would be present in this situation. You may want to Google for persona's and seo and see if this is something that can help. I found this article among several others: Using Scenarios in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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