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Nov 26, 2013
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Hi there.

I am in the UK and have just moved my business to a different part of the UK. I have changed the details on my google places page but before the changes will take place i have to verify the listing. How long should i wait before i resend the verification pin. Its been a couple of weeks not and i have not received anything in the post. Thanks for your help
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I'm not sure how long it typically takes in the UK.

Here in the US it can take 5 days to 2 weeks. But here in US if it had been 2 weeks I would still recommend waiting another week. Because only 1 pin works. So as soon as you order a new 1 the 1st 1 is invalid. So it could come tomorrow but would not work and you'd have to wait for the 2nd.

But again in UK I'm not sure, maybe it takes longer there. I'd wait til Monday. Bump this post and see if any of our UK members weigh in.

I'm going to edit your title to include UK to be more descriptive and help get the right eyes on it.
FYI Sean, you have multiple problems and a major violation on your Place page. If you'd like help please post down in the Help section. Post the link to your G+ L page and we'll give you some feedback.

i still have not received the code as of yet. just noticed your post Linda. i will place as post where you suggested. thanks. you have got me worried:(
i just wanted to update this thread. After not receiving my verification code after about 4 weeks i emailed google on sunday to let them know it has not been received, received a email back yesterday says they have manually verified my account and changes will show in the next few weeks. good news and if anyone else has this problem its worth sending them a email to see if the account can be done manually. :D

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